Wednesday, September 29, 2004


During the July 2004 Winslow Township Zoning Board of Adjustment meeting, several hundred residents objected to a new housing development being proposed off of Pump Ranch road. While some residents surly will disagree with any building in the area, others will agree that coming to a meeting and speaking your mind does indeed make a difference. Below is a copy of a letter that was received today from the developer.


Forest Meadows at Cedar Brook
c/o PO Box 277, Cedar Brook, NJ 08081

September 27, 2004

Re: Forest Meadows at Cedar Brook
Pump Branch Road, Cedar Brook, NJ

Dear Neighbor:
Since the postponement of the zoning board meeting on July 14, 2004, our project professionals have been working on revised development plans in an effort to address the concerns which you have expressed. The project has been redesigned with a reduction of building lots so that the project will not require a density variance and with only the number of lots permitted "by-right" in accordance with Winslow Township's Zoning Ordinance and the New Jersey Pinelands Commission Comprehensive Management Plan. The new plan consists of larger lots than originally presented. The new plan should be completed sometime late October. A meeting of the neighbors will be scheduled the first week of November. You will be receiving another letter to advise of the actual meeting date and location.


Forest Meadows at Cedar Brook

Sunday, September 26, 2004


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Please post this editorial on your site-


As I sit here and read all the editorials on this site, I have to say I am completely appalled not only as a taxpayer of Winslow Township but as a mother, that the residents of Oak Leaf Road would have the audacity to make the speed bumps that were installed on their street out to be something bad. What kind of people are you? Are you so selfish and wrapped up in your own little worlds, that you do not see the most important issue here? That being, the speed bumps were installed for the safety and protection of our children as well as all who reside on and travel on Oak Leaf Road. If this was my street, I would personally be ecstatic that we have Committee Members who are decent and caring enough to do something this good for their residents. Personally to me, this says that they have hearts big enough to make a difference. Lets switch the scenario around a bit: If there were no speed bumps installed there and a child was hit and killed by a speeding car, you would be starring at the scene of a horrific accident that will forever leave a tragic memory, rather than your “UGLY SPEED BUMPS”, as you call them. And I know that there is no person in their right mind that would want to endure that. And I am quite sure, if this was the case then you would be bad mouthing the Committee because there were no speed bumps preventing this from occurring. Unfortunately, I sit back and read these awful editorials filled with accusations, callous words, and just plain ignorance towards Barry Wright and Barbara Holcomb. This, and only this, is the kind of marrow that makes me sad to say I live in Winslow Township. Rise above people, be better than that.

Resident of Blue Anchor

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Appeared Thursday September 23, 2004 Sports section (F-1) of the Courier-Post

I'm all for voting out the chumps, but unfortunately there is no local election this November. We have to wait until November, 2005 to vote out the chumps. Keep the spirit.



I received this flyer today, perhaps you would want to post it on your web site. It seems the residents on Oak Leaf are pretty upset. I want to know why Wright and Holcomb are not responding to these people. Residents are entitled to answers of all their questions and issues, not just the speed bumps. Seems to me the issues go well beyond the speed bumps.
Anyway, attached please find the flyer, I hope you can use it.


A Recipe from the Winslow Township Crook Book

Take one wooded, pristine country road; one over flowing cup of tax payer money; add a couple of power hungry Committee Members; stir in the lack of knowledge with a dash of inadequate research. Bring the neighborhood to a boil. Then, cover it up with a deaf ear, political contributions and favoritism. Top with one resident nut and what do you get?

Speed humps. Served with wasted tax money and failed results.
If you don't like the humps, vote out the chumps! Remember in November!

Barry Wright and Barbara Holcomb are giving Winslow Township residents more examples of how they can waste your tax dollars. The residents of Oak Leaf Rd. did not want the speed humps and offered alternatives, but to no avail, we got the bumps! This is just another example of poor judgment.


Concerned Residents

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

This sign is missing the word "AGAIN !"

Holcomb gets her way......AGAIN!!!! Heck with what the residents want.

Please help us restore our street and protect yours from Barry bumps at the same time.

Monday, September 20, 2004


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