Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Please Note: Trash collection issues with the contractor has been resolved. Regular trash collection has resumed.

The Winslow Township Committee held a special emergency meeting on January 12, 2005.
The purpose of the meeting was to discuss and/or act upon matters to institute emergent procedures for waste collection.

The Township's contractor for trash collection is having a labor dispute, and as such no trash was collected in several towns in the region, including Winslow Township.

The Township was notified just today, Wednesday January 12, 2005, about the contractor's labor issues.

Township officials and employees have already taken action in the best interest of the residents. No less than 10 alternate contractors have been notified and requested to summit quotes. If the regular trash contractor can not resolve their labor issues by as early as tomorrow, Thursday January 13, 2005, the Township officials have authorized Township employees to use whatever means they feel necessary to collect Winslow's waste. Including alternate contractors, Township labor, and Township trucks and equipment.

Waste collection maybe a little slower than normal in Winslow for the next few days or so, but Mayor Metzner, Township officials and employee's are committed to collecting the waste to avoid any threat of a health hazard.

Furthermore, Winslow Township is reviewing it's contract with the regular waste collection company in an effort to collect any possible financial damages.

This posting is accurate, but is on this UNofficially Winslow web site. Which is more than one can say about the so called official web site which has no information on the subject as of this writing.

Furthermore, Winslow Township's new web site has the built in ability of being updated directly from the Township administrator's office. Why has this not been done?

Be sure to check, for future updates on this trash collection issue. As well as all available information about our community.


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