Sunday, July 17, 2005

Mayor Addresses Political Signs on Public Property.

Front lawn of Winslow Township municipal building.

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Front lawn of Winslow Township-Bud Duble Senior Citizen Building.

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In the audio clip below Mayor Metzner speaks about the Township ordinance that forbids campaign signs on public property. The Mayor spoke in general terms not mentioning any particular political group.

Wright & Holcomb than chime in about how signs are needed at polling places such as the municipal building. Wright offers further dribble about how signs are okay in the road's right-a- way.

The road's right-a-way truly extends beyond the paved surface, but the ordinance doesn't speak about the right-a-way. Just no political activity on municipal grounds.

In this audio clip Holcomb states two times that both parties are guilty and should just be more careful in the future. Did you see any Republican (red) signs anywhere in the Township for the uncontested primary elections? Or just blue Democrat signs?

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You put your left foot in; you take your left foot out;You put your left foot in and then deny it 'till they doubt.You do the Hokey-Pokey and you TURN YOUR WORDS AROUND.That's what it’s all about!
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UNofficially Winslow has applied to the Camden County Board of Elections for copies of any available complaint records where Holcomb and her cronies might have made honest errors and unintentional violations involving campaign signs and election day regulations. More to follow.