Wednesday, July 20, 2005

RESIDENTS DEMAND ANSWERS, Will Flamini & DiFabio show up?

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Due to the public's opposition to a proposed project for yet another senior housing development in Sicklerville, The developer has scheduled an informal meeting in an effort to explain the revisions they plan to resubmit to the Township this fall.

The developers have made arrangements to rent the Villa Catering Hall at Villa Deli located on Williamstown-New Freedom Road in Sicklerville for two hours on July 26, 2005 from 4:00-6:00 P.M.

Click here to view a letter from the developer's attorneys inviting the public to meet with the developer at the Villa Deli Catering Hall.

With any luck maybe even Flamini & DiFabio, the Ward 4 Township Committee representation, will show up this time. In the OPINION of UNofficially Winslow, it was no accident that Flamini & DiFabio didn't show up to the previous Zoning Board hearing on this subject.

If Flamini & DiFabio actually do show up be sure to ask them both if the project gets approved as presented, will anyone profit who financially supported their political campaigns?

The developer's current intentions is to build senior housing. A previous Winslow Township Zoning Board solicitor has informed UNofficially Winslow that, "The applicant needs to speak about the suitability of the site and also about how this proposed use promotes the public health, safety and welfare."

The developer's letter also states:

"We will attempt to work with the existing community in coming up with a senior project that benefits all of Winslow Township."

With these two items in mind one might consider discussing that the proposed project will be the 11th senior citizen housing development in Winslow Township. And the 7th senior citizen housing project under construction, or already approved within three miles of the proposed site.

If the developer truly wants to build a senior housing project that benefits "all of Winslow Township" why would the developer build such a project on the border of the Township that already has six other senior citizen projects within a 3 mile radius? And furthermore a project nearly three times the size permitted by law?

Winslow Mayor Sue Ann Metzner called AST "greedy" for trying to build nearly three times the 169 units permitted under current zoning. The township has designated the land "high density residential," permitting three housing units per acre. Courier-Post June 8, 2005