Wednesday, November 30, 2005

In the audio clip below, Mayor Metzner notes that possibly an incorrect bond is funding this lame duck session of Play to Play action by the Winslow Democrats. The Mayor challenges the Democrats on using bond money that was allocated for a different project.

Do the Democrats want these three Water & Sewer engineering contracts to be adwarded before they lose control of the Township Committee in January?

The Winslow Democrats want the $600,000+. Worth of contracts awarded to Churchill Engineering. The same firm being investigated along with the Winslow Democrats for possible election campaign contribution wrong doing

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Click here for UNofficially Winslow's previous report, including official documents, on the investigation being conducted by the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission.

Committeewoman Gibison makes a motion to refer the matter to the next Water & Sewer Sub-committee, since bond council is not present.

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Committeewoman Gibison makes a motion to table the matter until bond council can be consulted. (Similar, but different motion.) Holcomb speaks out of turn and is out of order. Committeewoman Gibison calls for point of order. (Robert's Rules of Order)

Please note the CFO, Chief Financial Officer, suggest the Committee consult with bond council.

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Committeeman Al Cooper:

"My concern is that we are breaking the law."

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Mayor Metzner poses a question of why a contract for construction management is being considered, when the project has yet to be designed.

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Committeeman Al Cooper questions the municipal attorney on the subject of consulting bond council.
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Mayor Metzner continues with the municipal attorney.
"...This contract is being awarded to a professional who's contract with the Township is about to expire in about six weeks."
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(Followed by the final vote)

We all know that the best way to save taxpayers money is to place every possible Township contract out for competitive bidding. Sadly, this has not been the way the rogue majority Democrats have chosen to run our Township.
The articles below describe how the no-bid process worked for Commerce Bank and the Winslow/Camden County political machine. This is just one example among many of how such deals hit us all in the pocketbook.
The Commerce Bank articles below happen to be one of the more blatant examples of no-bid contracts. This case resulted in national publicity in newspapers from New England to Florida. We try our best to promote our Township and create favorable publicity. Unfortunately, widespread publicity such as this does significant damage to those efforts. Not only are taxpayers' monies being squandered directly, they are also paying indirectly for the loss of home value associated with a negative township reputation.

Please click here to review the Courier-Post articles concerning Winslow Township and Commerce Bank.