Wednesday, December 21, 2005


During the December 20, 2005 Mayor and Township Committee meeting, Committeewoman Lawrence questioned the $453. one time expense of a Santa suit. Holcomb supports Lawrence's question.

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UNofficially Winslow did take note that Lawrence and Holcomb did not attend the annual Winslow Township tree lighting and festivities on December 2, 2005. Hundreds and Hundreds of residents attended the event where the children were able to have their picture taken with Santa.

Committeeman Cooper:

"...So let me get this straight. Your questioning the four hundred and some dollars for a suit for one Chris Cringle, and your not allowing questioning of thousands of dollars ($616,000.) being paid to Churchill Associates. Is that what I am to undertand? (Silence in the room) I would like an answer on that".

Lawrence Mumbles:

"You can understand what you want to understand".

Committeeman Cooper:

"For the record, someone is questioning $453. for a costume, and yet by a 5-4 majority we can not question or even look at thousands of dollars ($616,000.) in payments to Churchill Associates. Does that sound right by anyone? Am I hearing that right?"

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UNofficially Winslow understands that Santa did make several appearances in Winslow Township with the suit in question. In effort to return to the season's holiday spirit, UNofficially Winslow provides this link to a (Click here) December 22, 2005 Courier-Post story.