Sunday, January 22, 2006



"...The only ones who responded to the RFP (Request For Proposal) were those who knew that we had a webpage and than looked at the webpage...".

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Did Holcomb not read her committee package? Or was she just trying to mislead the public? UNofficially Winslow has received open public records of what information was included in Holcomb's re-organization document package. Holcomb had already received a list of professionals who responded to the Request For Proposals when she was running her mouth and complaining about a lack of a legal advertisement for the legal advertisement.

Please click here for the UNofficially Winslow report when Holcomb asked for a legal advertisement for the legal advertisement. Also Mayor Metzner explains the new New Jersey State law.

Open public records indicate that 52 replies were received by Winslow Township in response to the Request for Proposals advertised on the Township website.

UNoffically Winslow finds it interesting that some of the replies for the Request for Proposals were received from individuals or firms that Holcomb has supported for various professional appointments in the past. Including David Patterson, Bowman & Company, Churchill Associates, Stuart A. Platt, Zeller & Bryant, and Marc R. Shuster. Also Holcomb's puppets supported Lawrence J. Lunongo, Jr.

Apparently the only one who missed the advertisement is Holcomb. Or does Holcomb just want to mislead the public?

PLEASE CLICK HERE to review the open pubic records of the 52 replies who responded to the Request For Proposals.

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