Monday, April 10, 2006


Resident Mrs. Rabb addresses the Township Committee regarding UNofficially Winslow.

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Mrs. Rabb

Resident Mr. Foxworth addresses the Township Committee Regarding UNofficially Winslow.
Mr. Foxworth also addresses Committeeman Al Cooper in reference to the Holcomb "finger" picture, and suggest that Holcomb was simply adjusting her glasses.
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Mr. Foxworth

Holcomb now interrupts public participation and asks the Mayor to control Kaplan's activities. Holcomb also complains about Kaplan and his video camera operation. Does Holcomb have something to hide? Mayor Metzner Addresses Holcomb below.
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Barbara Holcomb

Sicklerville Resident Harry Sohn incorrectly hounds the Mayor for attending two meetings in one evening. Mayor Metzner addresses Mr. Sohn below. Mr. Sohn also is not pleased with Mr. Comuso's Letter to the Courier-Post editor. (Also posted on this website)
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Harry Sohn

Fran Sohn, wife of previous speaker Harry Sohn, expresses concerns about Kaplan's recent Letter to the Editor of the Courier-Post Newspaper (Also posted on this web site). Mrs. Sohn also feels cutting the Mayor's assistant's hours was a wise move to save tax dollars. Like in the past, Mrs. Sohn apparently has no clue of what she is talking about. The Township budget includes the full time salary for the Mayor's assistant. Click Here to view the current Township budget documents concerning the Mayor's assistant's position. The Democrat majority cutting the hours of the Mayor's assistant with no medical benefits will not save Winslow Township's budget one dime. In the opinion of Unofficially Winslow, Mrs. Sohn's dramatic appearance is nothing more then rhetoric.

One might also note that Mrs. Fran Sohn is employed by Camden County which is controlled by the Camden County Democrat machine. Which Holcomb is the vice chair of.
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Fran Sohn

Resident Bill Price addresses the Democrat majority about being fair when assigning Township Committee members directorships to various Township departments. Mr. Price also gives advice on how to stop the unwanted editorials to local newspaper editors. The majority Democrat party can start by re-establishing the Mayor's full time assistant, says Mr. Price.
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Bill Price

Resident Ken Comuso speaks to the complaints regarding his recent Letter to the Editor. (Also posted on this website.) Mr. Comuso explains that he is disabled and takes it as a personal attack when the majority Democrat party took away the Mayor's full time assistant. Noting that the Mayor is visually impaired. Mr. Comuso expresses he is strong willed and is going to "take back" this community.
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Ken Comuso Sr.

Mayor Metzner addresses issues presented during public participation. Including Mr. Sohn's concerns regarding the Mayor's meeting attendence. The Mayor addresses attending 2 meetings or functions in one evening.

"...because someone drives me does not take away, or strip away from them, their rights under the constitution."
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Mayor Metzner Part 1 of 2
Mayor Metzner continues:
" I am not about to become the dictator that Mrs. Sohn said Mrs. Holcomb is not. Mrs. Sohn doesn't think Mrs. Holcomb is a dictator, and yet her husband is encouraging me to become one."
"I am his (Kaplan's) Mayor not his Mother. I don't know if he (Kaplan) would listen to his Mother either."
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Mayor Metzner Part 2 of 2
Kaplan's response to the remarks made concerning his political activities during public participation.

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Kaplan's response