Saturday, July 08, 2006


Recently it has been reported that some of Winslow Township's water supply contains a naturally occurring contaminant called radium. The Mayor and Township Committee have accepted the Township engineer's recommendation on a treatment program, as well as supplementing the water supply with purchased water from New Jersey American Water Company. The cost of this project is roughly $6,000,000.

An internal Township audit of previous bonding for unrelated water & sewer projects determined that the Township has $7,687,950.96 "left over" from 18 previous bonds.

An ordinance was introduced on June 27, 2006 to cancel these 18 older bonds and re-appropriate $6,250,000. to pay for the treatment of the radium issues. While also totally canceling $1,437,950. of additional older bonds.

The Winslow Township DEMOCRATS, HOLCOMB, LAWRENCE, DIFABIO, AND FLAMINI voted against the introduction of this ordinance.

Mayor Metzner and her team Al Cooper, Karen Gibison, Nick LoSasso, and Anthony Tomasello voted in favor of this ordinance introduction to move forward with funding for contaminate free water. Without incurring additional financial overhead and complications of a new bond.

A 2nd and final vote to adopt this ordinance will take place Tuesday July 18, 2006.

While the control of our Township government did change this January to Mayor Metzner's Republican team. Bonding issues such as this ordinance requires a two-thirds affirmative vote by the Township Committee to pass. This means Holcomb, or one of her puppet's, must vote with Mayor Metzner and her Republican team. Or this plan of funding and fixing the radium contamination issue will fail.

CLICK HERE to review this simple, no-brainer, solution ordinance.

The brief audio clip below is from the Township Committee meeting on June 27, 2006. Introducing the re-appropriation ordinance and the Committee's vote.

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And then there is the DiFabio plan...
Committeeman DiFabio has his own ideas to resolve the water contamination issues.
In the brief audio clip below, Committeeman DiFabio announces his plan in the form of a motion.
The same DiFabio who voted against re-appropriating existing bonding, also states "...Money is one thing, health is another..." during his presentation of his plan to resolve the water contamination issues.

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