Thursday, May 29, 2008


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This graphic & text was part of a recent political flyer mailed by this crowd. (Bates, Lawrence, Vanst, & Flamini)

UNofficially Winslow replies:

1) Real Solutions to the water crisis ? Earth to Flamini and Lawrence, Come in Flamini...

These two clowns have been on the Township governing body, Township Committee, for several years. If there is a better answer to the water and sewer issues why have they not addressed these matters before now? The water issue came to light roughly a year ago, while Flamini and Lawrence were on the Township Committee. Bates was part of the team that UNofficially Winslow believes is responsible for the water issues due to intentional neglect.

2) "Real plans for tax stability" WHAT ! This is Flamini's 2nd term and looking for your vote for a third term of three years! (Three years per term plus other time also spent when appointed to office.) Now all of a sudden he has a plan? What's the plan, put it in the mailer instead of this dribble!

3) "Real Representation on Township Committee"

Bates has taken up space on the Township Committee for 23 years. In October of 2004 Bates quit the Township Committee stating "'s time to retire...." Click here to view Committeeman Russell Bates' resignation letter of October 6, 2004. Lawrence was appointed to balance of Bates' unexpired term.

Flamini has also been in office for two plus terms. Why now after all this time served on the Township Committee do these clowns send out a circular claiming real representation on Township Committee? Flamini avoided more then one community meeting when a developer wanted to over build a property near McDonald's. Where was the representation then? Flamini was so evasive of the situation that UNofficially Winslow published Flamini's picture on a milk carton.

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UNofficially Winslow has previously posted it's opinion of Bates' accomplishments. Click here for the complete list.

4) "Real Plans to improve the quality of life for all Winslow residents".

Are you happy with all the homes being built in Winslow? The congestion and additional cost to our school district and municipal services as a result of the on going construction? While it is difficult to stop developers who own land within our community. However, the Township is NOT required to sell off land that it owns. Bates and Flamini voted to sell Township owned open space, which allowed additional homes to be constructed. In the opinion of UNofficially Winslow, this fact alone is enough not to elect Bates or re-elect Flamini.

Click Here for the public record concerning the public land sale, which shows Bates and Flamini voting in favor of the motion.

Click Here for the public record containing a list of the successful bidders of the public land sale. How many of these names can you identify as developers? Why couldn't Bates and Flamini do the same? Did their previous political campaigns sell out Winslow residents to developers?

Furthermore, Committeeman Losasso, who was not elected at the time, appeared before the Township Committee during public participation opposing the motion of a public land sale. Mr. Losasso's remarks are also posted on this website, UNofficially Winslow.

Nick LoSasso


Mr. Brady