Sunday, April 26, 2009

UNofficially Winslow Files Open Public Records Complaint Naming Winslow Township Board of Education

The information and data presented on this website, UNofficially Winslow, is acquired from New Jersey's OPRA (Open Public Records Act) and Open Public Meetings Act, A.K.A. Sunshine laws. The data is paid for with personal funds. Seventy-Five cents a page. (With the exception of documents that are available to the general public during public meetings.)
OPRA documentation posted on UNofficially Winslow and documents that are held on file by UNofficially Winslow come from various agencies.

Winslow Township including the Clerks Office, Construction Office, Police Department, Planning and Zoning Office, Chief Financial Officer etc. Camden County, State of New Jersey, NJ ELEC ( New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission), and Winslow Township Board of Education. All have received and processed Open Public Records at the request of UNofficially Winslow.

Each agency has slightly different procedures to request the public records. It has been the experience of UNofficially Winslow that all agencies, with the exception of Winslow Township Board of Education, operate 100% of the time within the law.

This official complaint filed by UNofficially Winslow represents the 2nd failure to provide records to UNofficially Winslow in 2009.

On occasion UNofficially Winslow has been asked to provide copies of it's records, usually but not always in the form of video, to public agencies. UNofficially Winslow always complies free of charge. As such was the case when Dr. Ann Garcia, Winslow Township Board of Education Administrator and Administrative Assistant Valerie Rabb both contacted UNofficially Winslow several times in the same day for a video of a Winslow Township Planning Board meeting in March of 2009. UNofficially Winslow expected NOTHING for the service of tape to DVD conversion and delivered the requested video with 48 hours. However, UNofficially Winslow demands that the Winslow Township Board of Education observe the rules and laws of the New Jersey Open Public Records Act.