Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Winslow Township just experienced a horrible event. The Township was forced to layoff eight police officers. Originally twelve, but four jobs were saved at the last minute by senior officers retirements.

Winslow Township Mayor and Committee voted to promote from within a new acting police chief for a six month period.

The video clip below shows the Township Committee's discussion with the perspective new police chief, just prior to their positive vote. Committeeman Thaddeus Mackey questions the new perspective police chief regarding new hires during the chief's proposed six month acting position.

Also please note while viewing this video, the Winslow Township Police Department is a New Jersey Civil Service organization. And as such follows the rules for new employees as mandated by the Civil Service rules. Applications for the 2010 Law Enforcement Examination (Police, Other Police Titles, Sheriff’s Officer, & State Park Police) will be accepted through August 31, 2010. Applications for the examination are currently available from the Township Clerk's office. You may also click HERE for additional information on Civil Service.

Monday, July 05, 2010

UNofficially Winslow has received several emails concerning the Winslow Township School District. Please click on the link below for the UNofficially Winslow school section.

There is also link for the UNofficially Winslow School section in the blue margin (under the hit counter) on the UNofficially Winslow home page.

UNofficially Winslow Schools

UPDATE July 10, 2010:

Additional e-mails written to UNofficially Winslow concerning the Board of Education and Winslow Township School District have now been posted to UNofficially Winslow Schools Please use the link above.