Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Below and to the right is a new audio player on UNofficially Winslow. This player streams live audio of the Winslow Township Police dispatch channel (508.91250 MHz) and Winslow Department of Public Works radio channel (155.145 MHz). Which according to the F.C.C. license on file, also includes other departments within Winslow Township.

This audio stream does not include Winslow Police channel two (508.93750 MHz) audio. If you wish to listen to channel two you can do so with virtually any synthesised scanner manufactured within the last 25+ years. Don't spend a lot a money on a scanner, for there is a good chance most scanners will not be compliant with the two-way radio changes being made County wide.In reference to the Public Works channel:This radio channel operates in simplex mode. Which means direct, truck to truck or base station to truck.

This Mickey Mouse type of operation will make it difficult for you to listen to, even with this new audio streaming on UNofficially Winslow. You may hear the audio from the base station, but not the vehicle. Or you could hear one vehicle and not the other in a particular conversation.

It is the understanding of UNofficially Winslow that there are two base stations on this Public Works channel. One at the municipal complex and one at the Sicklerville water tank property. Above is a picture of the Sicklerville water tank antenna installation. This installation has several technical issues including being mounted on a low telephone pole and the antenna being mounted near a giant metal shield. Several years ago this picture won an "Honorable Mention" for stupidity at an unofficial event during an international radio convention.

In reference to the Police channels:

UNofficially Winslow was given a tour of the police radio installation many years ago by a previous Winslow Township Administrator. While UNofficially Winslow did make some recommendations to tweak the performance of the receivers, we are unsure if corrective action was taken or not.

During the extensive testing phase of this audio streaming project, audio on the police channel sounds amazingly good. UNofficially Winslow also learned during the testing period how extremely busy and professional the Winslow Township Police department is.

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