Tuesday, May 14, 2013

UNofficially Winslow Receives Email

FROM:Joe & Beverly Mellon

Subject: Please post entire content with name. Thanks, Joe M
 Date: May 14, 2013
Since my emails to the BOE members are for some reason still being blocked, I can only contact you via Unofficiallywinslow.
In response to your email to unofficially Winslow. The people of Winslow Township are tired. We are tired of hearing the same old same old from this school administration. “Vote for this budget and it will help your child.”
We are tired of dealing with people that tell us things are going to get better and then they don’t, we get the same old stories time and time again, “give us more money and your children will be better off because of it.”
The people of Winslow, at least the ones that care enough to care are tired, we are tired of working two jobs only to see our taxes go through the roof for a school system that is failing.
This administration under Dr. Poteat has showed the people of Winslow Twp what it is all about. POWER. Power to do whatever he (Dr. Poteat) and the former Ann Garcia felt they could get away with. To intimidate and to bully and to answer to no one be it parent or board member.
The People of Winslow Twp the ones that can afford to, send their children to private schools or home school where their children are not used as pawns by the WTEA and the NJEA.
This administration replaced hard working Teachers Assistants’, Educational Student Aids, Custodians, Grounds and Maintenance Workers with outsourced companies. People that lived and worked in the township that cared about the schools and the children we worked for lost our jobs, some ever our heath and some even our homes.
We were told that by doing this the township was going to save millions of dollars. I don’t know about anyone else but my taxes are now $4500 a year out in this sticks of the township, so where is the savings?
And yet, this administration ask for is more, more, more.
There will be a time when there is nothing more to give. Many are moving from Winslow and NJ and I hope to follow in the next few years.
Winslow Schools were once a great place to learn.
The people of Winslow need to learn that doing the same dumb thing over and over is bad, electing the same people over and over be it on the BOE such as re electing Cheryl Pitts or in the town hall is bad.
Even a mouse in a lab under a controlled experiment can learn that door A has a cat behind it and door B has the cheese. Why the people of Winslow keep opening door A is beyond me.
Mr. Gidwani, before my emails to BOE members were blocked you and I had contact with each other several times. From those email’s I learned that you are a good, caring person. I know you do not need to be on the BOE but you take it upon yourself to serve your community but I ask you is it worth it? Maybe you should take the time to ask yourself, is it worth it?
Thank you and all the best.

Joe Mellon
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