Wednesday, August 31, 2005

UNofficially Winslow Receives Email

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Sent: Friday, August 26, 2005 7:51 PM

Subject: Any hope for our schools? Does anyone care?

I'm a new resident to Winslow Township, just moved here a year ago, and not up on the politics in this town. I'm very concerned about the public schools in this township. I read through some recent postings on your website but don't see complaints about the schools. I know there are other people infuriated by the high taxes (ours were just increased approx. $1,000) and the horrible schools.

My daughter will begin kindergarten next year and we've decided to send her to St. Joe's because everyone tells us how bad the Middle School and High School students behave in Winslow Township. I have heard stories from teachers, people on the Board of Education, and mothers of students in the Middle School. I understand that the police officer working in the high school had more arrests than any other police officer on the force last year. I have also heard about the large amount of children that actually live in Camden but give a relative's address to go to Winslow Township schools. Considering the amount of our tax dollars that go into the school system I should be able to send my child to a safe school with an environment conducive to learning, not a Camden away from Camden. If I wanted my kids to go to school in the inner city I could have saved a lot of money and moved to Camden myself. We don't live in Sicklerville, so when we bought the home we were satisfied with the elementary school off of Rt. 73, but unfortunately didn't research the middle school and high school.

I'm writing this website to ask, what can I do? I don't think going to a meeting is enough. From what I've seen on TV and read on your website it's a lot of hot air. Who can I talk to about this matter? Can't the township organize a program to wait at the bus stops and record/expel students who are dropped-off from out of town? I understand that Egg Harbor Township did this and got rid of 300 students from their schools. Are parents required to show Income Tax Returns showing their address and dependants as other school districts have done?

What Can I Do?

A Disgusted Mother

Blue Anchor