Thursday, November 04, 2004


I recently had the privilege of reading the minutes of last month's park and rec board. The Winslow Eagles midget football and cheerleading have requested that transportation be made available to children living in the Sicklerville section of the township so they can be taken to and from practice. I presume the township would pick up the funds for this request, just like they gave them additional funding to get their uniforms out of hock from the bill they did not pay because they had free registration. Even when owing the additional money this year they still charged less for registration than the other 2 fiscally sound football organizations. And now they even have portable lighting at the Calabrese field, donations? This is repetitive behavior from the redskins/eagles that has gone on for years. When will it end? Ms. Lawrence has taken over Mr. Bate’s job as the head of the Park and Rec board, a board that has made few accomplishments since it's inception. The hard working residents that give up their time for these organizations and serve on this board should be commended but the inability to make a decision that agrees with the committee's direction leaves it in limbo. All decisions about fields, funding etc. is never decided by this committee, it's just a sounding board and bull session to make the members think the committee cares, they do what they want anyway!

The transportation issue is a very poor idea! You would allow children to attend a sporting event without the parent present? Are you a babysitting service now? What happens if the child is injured? Will you return the child to their home without anyone present? Will you wait for the parent to return home? Will you feed the child, too? Will you provide the child with the needed equipment to play football? A cup and cleats? When will this end? The liability issue is vast!