Wednesday, July 06, 2005


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Subject: WHAT!!! NO LIGHT????

As a life long resident, I have seen this township grow in leaps and bounds. I've seen the corruption and all the wheelings and dealings that have taken place over the years and in reality nothing has changed. (SAME SNAKES,DIFFERENT HEADS). Getting to the point. This township is full of traffic lights that were put up for one reason or another. The intersection of 561(mayslanding road) and Pineyhollow road, have had many many crashes over the years. As for a fatality count, I am not privey to. However, this is a very dangerous intersection and all that was ever done was to install a blinking system. I am aware that the STATE sanctions and authorizes lights. Now looking around without actually pointing to the POLITICAL lights that are up, are WE not in this area of the township entitled to some safeguards as others??? The records speak for themselves.

Suggestion----On the ballots----When two or more candidates are running, put an extra open block on a blank space below the last candidate which says or means NONE OF THE ABOVE---This way the public won't necessarily have to contend with someone they don't want in office. This will wake up each party and they will put someone qualified rather than a croney.