Monday, September 19, 2005


During the August 16, 2005 Mayor and Township Committee meeting, Committeeman Wright made a few remarks regarding the proposed project of AST Developers in Sicklerville. Several other articles regarding this disputed project are posted here on UNofficially Winslow.

Below is a brief audio clip where Committeeman Wright stated he did not have a conversation with the attorney, Mr. John Wade, who represents AST Development. With the exception of a brief "10 second" FYI type of conversation Wright explains about in this audio clip.

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On Tuesday July 26, 2005 AST developers had an informal meeting with the public at the Villa Deli Catering hall in Sicklerville to discuss their revised plans with the public. During this meeting the attorney for AST Development, Mr. John Wade, announced he had spoken with Winslow Township elected officials. Mayor Metzner, being the only representation for the residents at the meeting, asked Mr. Wade who he had spoken with. In the audio clip below you will hear Mr. Wade being rude to our Mayor. Mr. Wade also mentions he has talked with Committeeman Wright. Is this the same "10 second" conversation Mr. Wright mentioned above? You decide!

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Do you believe Wright that the conversation was only 10 seconds in passing? If so, then do you think Mr. Wade was being something less than 100 percent straight-forward with the public at the Villa Deli meeting, when he stated he had been in contact with elected officials?