Sunday, October 01, 2006


Source: Courier-Post October 1, 2006

As of June 6, 2006 the Winslow Democrats 2006 raised $36,100. $29,600. of which came from Churchill; the Committee to Elect a Democrat Majority, which got two thirds of it money from Churchill last year.

Winslow Democrats 2006 gave $7,856. to "Committee to Elect Barbara Holcomb". (Holcomb earlier announced she is not running for re-election.) Holcomb then made a repayment to Churchill P.C. (The previous Township engineering firm.)

The State of New Jersey is investigating allegations that engineer Robert Churchill, his firm, or political committees he controls contributed $77,349. More than three times the amount permitted by law.

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In the opinion of UNofficially Winslow, if you vote for Winslow Democrats 2006, Iuliucci, Auwarter, Wilson, and Mitchell, this November 7th, your actually voting for...

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