Wednesday, August 11, 2010


UNofficially Winslow has filed a formal complaint with the State of New Jersey Government Records Council (G.R.C.) The complaint addresses a possible violation of the Open Public Records Act.

UNofficially Winslow believes the Township Committee also violated the Open Public Meetings Act, commonly referred to as the Sunshine Law. The Sunshine Law violation was rectified when the Mayor requested a public vote in an effort to keep the public informed. Please view the video clip of the Mayor below.

The complaint filed with the G.R.C. does not address the Sunshine Law violation. UNofficially Winslow believes the violation of the Open Public Meetings Act occurred in an effort to restrict information from the public concerning water system related problems in the Spring Road area. Furthermore, when UNofficially Winslow requested an e-mail document, via the Open Public Records Act, it was denied. UNofficially Winslow believes the document was denied because of the original intention to circumvent the Open Public Meetings Act with the use of e-mail.

In the first video clip below Mayor Metzner asks for a ratification (Committee voting in public) of an action that might have taken place via email and outside the limits of the Sunshine Law. The Mayor's concern is the residents were left out while matters concerning an RFP (Request for Proposal) for selling off the water and sewer system was being explored. And water pressure and odor concerns of the Spring Road area residents.

In the 2nd video clip Committeewoman Gibison discusses issues and concerns when votes or "polling" the Committee takes place via e-mail.

Both of these videos have been submitted to the Government Records Council, along with the Open Public Records Act complaint noted above.

Click HERE to review a copy of the complaint and other submitted documents.

Click HERE to review additional correspondence concerning this matter.

Please be sure to scroll down to the bottom when viewing all documents on UNofficially Winslow. Often times there is more than one document, as in both of these cases.

Updates and additional documents will be posted in this area on an on-going basis. Check back regularly for a first hand education of our Open Public Records Act.

In a subsequent meeting the Township Committee voted not to sell the water system after all. However UNofficially Winslow plans to follow through with the Open Public Records Act complaint. In the opinion of UNofficially Winlsow the Township Committee lost public trust with this misguided stunt.

You can view this entire meeting (about 10 minutes) in the video clip posted below. (Click on camera picture)
The next Township Committee meeting is scheduled for August 17, 2010 at 7:30 P.M.