Monday, September 19, 2005

UNofficially Winslow Receives Email

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Subject: TAXES

If this trend continues (building homes and raising taxes) most residents will not be able to afford to live in Winslow Township, or want to. Every other month a new housing development begins and taxes again go up. Traffic in this area is becoming outrageous and another reason to leave. Have you noticed more and more for sale signs going up? I wonder why! Something has to be done. Building has to stop and taxes have to stabalize.


Thank you for writing to UNofficially Winslow.
Yes new home construction is on the rise here in Winslow Township. UNofficially Winslow has learned that you can't always a prevent new hosing development if the project meets current zoning and other standards.

However, the Democrat controlling party here in Winslow Township railroaded through the Township Committee to sell Township owned property. In many cases to known housing developers. Committeeman Barry Wright, who is currently running for re-election in Ward 2 (Cedar Brook area), supported the concept of selling Township property by seconding the motion and voting in favor of selling the land. Now, one year later, after Barry Wright sold off Township land to housing developers, he wants to start a special tax in Winslow to preserve open space!

Nick LoSasso, who is challenging Barry Wright for his Committee seat, was very much apposed to the Township selling land to private developers. Mr. LoSasso made it be known by speaking on the subject during public participation at Township Committee meetings.

In Ward 4 (Sicklerville area) Chuck Flamini, who is also seeking re-election, didn't even bother to show up on two occasions to support the residents who are trying to prevent 400 plus new homes from being built. This project by, AST Developers, can be stopped because it doesn't meet local zoning requirements and requires special zoning variances or permission to do what the law says they can't do.

Below are a few copies of previous postings to UNofficially Winslow which have more details on the very good points that you have raised.

Again, thank you for your email.


UNofficially Winslow.