Tuesday, January 31, 2006

UNofficially Winslow Receives Email

"It would be a disservice to this community for me to sit on this committee, because I know that I don't have any knowledge about of what goes on with this committee..."
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Subject: Holcomb's Minions

How very interesting to watch Marie Lawrence after 14 months of sitting on the dais virtually silent except to vote the way Barbara Holcomb told her to! It was very clear that she had at best a very limited idea of what was going on, or what she was voting on!

Now after the reorganization she spends all of her time disrupting every Township meeting only resting when Barbara Holcomb needs to talk about some perceived indignity to the Sicklerville residents!

To hear those two talk ward three will be destroyed without their so called expertise! Now because of the reorganization Ms. Lawrence has been assigned to another committee, which when she received the appointment said in so many words that she wouldn't be competent enough to do the job. And missed the very first meeting because she said she was never notified! This is a tactic she has used before when missing meetings or not knowing what was going on because she never received the information! This is how she represents her ward? When Dan DiFabio talked of how the reorganization was going to polarize the township he was absolutely right. Ms. Lawrence and Holcomb are making sure that is exactly what is going to happen, pitting one group against another in an attempt further their own agenda!

What was really shocking to was Ms.Lawrence's comment at the last meeting about the presence of a police officer at that meeting! An elected official of this Township who swore to uphold the laws of the country, state and township demonize the police! I just hope the kids weren't watching that meeting because that's saying the police are no good and oppressors, that's a polarization! I just hope the people in this township aren't as stupid as some of the people representing them, they should hold them accountable and start looking for replacements because with their tactics they are not worthy or fit to serve the people of this Township!

B. G. Braddock