Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Duties of the Deputy Mayor. How did Barbara Holcomb become the Deputy Mayor?

Webster's Dictionary:
Deputy: "An assistant acting in absence of his/her superior."

If Barbara Holcomb is Mayor Metzner's deputy why is she not working with the Mayor for the good of the residents and the Township? Why are the Republicans constantly saying in public forum that they are not afforded the opportunity to review documents prior to a motion being put on the floor? Why are new employees hired when Mayor has not even met the person? Why does Barbara Holcomb discuss new programs with residents, but not the Mayor if she is the Mayor's deputy and assistant? Why does Barbara Holcomb hold secret public meetings in various locations throughout the community without inviting the Mayor? Finally, why does Barbara Holcomb stir up the residents' hopes for programs that Winslow can't possibly qualify for? Such as Weed & Seed. Notice the Federal government denied Holcomb and her cronies Weed & Seed funding. That's because Weed & Seed funding is a program for urban areas.

Perhaps the residents throughout Winslow Township should consider weeding out politicians who are representing themselves and the county government, while seeding with new blood who will represent the people of this Township.

One must realize that Holcomb was not selected by the Mayor to be the Deputy Mayor. Holcomb being the ringleader of the controlling party on the Township Committee appointed herself Deputy Mayor.

Click here to review a copy of the resolution describing the duties of the Deputy Mayor. Has Barbara Holcomb assumed a responsibly beyond the scope set forth by this document?