Monday, November 01, 2004

Winslow volunteer fire fighter writes to UNofficially Winslow

I am a member of the Winslow volunteer fire district. The fire fighters in Winslow have been a volunteer origination for over 70 years that has served Winslow Township. The fire commission has been running the origination for the last 10 or so years. The commission hired a new fire chief about a year ago. The new fire chief at the time of being hired said he wanted to keep the volunteers. Since he has been hired he has made some positive changes along with changes that will push the volunteers out and some have left.

The commission that had a full time staff of two employees have grown to eight full time employees. The break down is five secretary’s two fire marshals and the chief. The salary I guess range from 28,000 to 95,000 a year that is your tax dollars being spent for what. Inspections, Paper Work, and I guess progress.

The chief said he wanted to keep the volunteer and would not drive them out. The fire company’s have been putting out fires and answering the calls for over 70 years with no major problems. The chief has doubled up alarm boxes to make sure we answer the call. This is putting fire fighters and the public at risk when the call is a alarm system, public assist, ect. Ninty percent of the time one station has to recall the other station because they have answered the call. The chief will now want to go from seven station chief to three battalion chief this is the first step in consadlation of stations in Winslow Township. What he is doing is stacking the cards in his favor to hire full time fire fighters in Winslow Township.

Winslow Township has high enough taxes do they need to go higher??
Winslow dose not have enough business to keep a staff of six full time fire fighters on the street running calls. The district will need to pay this crew about 35,000 a year plus benefits are you willing to pay for that when the volunteer fire fighters have been doing it for over 70 years.

Winslow Township

Fire Fighter