Thursday, October 26, 2006


1. Barry Wright, previous Public Safety Director.

4. Daughter of Construction Official
(Note: Construction Office issues building permits and conducts inspections for new construction, renovations, and other structural projects such as Amateur Radio towers.)

7. Holcomb - Wright Campaign Treasurer.

8. The finger.

10. Democrats 2006 Campaign Treasurer.
(Iuliucci, Auwarter, Wilson, and Mitchell )


2. Contributed $29,600. to Democrats 2006 Campaign (Iuliucci, Auwarter, Wilson and Mitchell.)

3. Mr. Bottled Water.

5. In May 2006 RECEIVED an $11,000.Contribution FROM Holcomb 2003 campaign. And in June 2006 CONTRIBUTED $7856. TO Holcomb 2003 campaign.

(Note: Holcomb 2003 campaign then refunded $7856. to Churchill P.C. Click Here for New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission documentation.)

6. Wanted police protection for both middle and high schools in September of 2004. Eighteen months before the failed murder plot at Winslow High School. Holcomb and her cronies said no. (HINT)

9. "...this is not Germany that we're living in."

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