Wednesday, June 06, 2007

COURIER-POST: "Complete So. Jersey voting results: 4A, 5A" Well....Perhaps the C-P meant except huge Winslow Township.

Wednesday June 6, 2007 Courier-Post Page 1 A : "Complete So. Jersey voting results : Pages 4A, 5A "

Above is a map of Camden County, NewJersey. The red shaded area is Winslow Township, which had zero coverage by the Courier-Post for the June 5, 2007 Primary election. The white cut out in the red shaded area is the Chesilhurst borough, which the Courier-Post did cover. And rightfully so.

UNofficially Winslow has acquired results of the Primary election which does not include absentee votes.

Unlike the General election held in November, the Primary election is intended for each party to vote and select their candidate who will be on the ballot in November.

Another words, Democrat voters select a candidate who will be the Democrat candidate in November. And like wise the Republican party selects their candidate with the Primary election process as well.

Highlights of yesterday's (June 5, 2007) Primary election includes:

Mayor Sue Ann Metzner, Democrat received 552 votes. Who was challenged by Russell Bates with 129 write-in votes.

On the Republican side, Al Cooper received 163 votes. However, Mayor Sue Ann Metzner received Republican support of 12 write-in votes. And Russel Bates received 2 write-in votes on the Republican side as well.

Very interesting results considering the politics here in Winslow Township. (Click Here) Isn't it a shame the Courier-Post didn't think so. Maybe because Winslow is such a small community, as compared to the rest of the communities in Camden County.