Saturday, October 13, 2007


Mr. Al Cooper was previously a Winslow Township Committeeman representing Ward 2. Mr. Cooper lost his bid for re-election in November of 2006.

Mr. Cooper worked with the residents of Oak Leaf road to remove the speed humps that were previously forced upon them by other Committee members including Committee Barry Wright.

Mr. Cooper faught vociferously with the Holcomb-Wright majority.

Some of the issues include:

Cooper defends the purchase of a Santa Claus suit.

Committeeman Cooper addresses Committeeman Wright referring to his own experience of holding the office of Director of Public Safety. "...Coop, which is what he calls me, ...It's exactly like a quad...Think of it like a quad..."

Is not just the issue of the speed bumps, it's the lack of information shared between Committee members. The Republicans (Cooper, Gibison, Pino, and the Mayor) are constantly asking for information not to be withheld from them. Especially when a vote needs to take place. While the puppets will vote however Holcomb and the County tell them to. The Republicans, minority party, demand to know the facts. Click on the audio link below and listen to Al Cooper refresh everyone's memory on how the speed study results were never made available. Al Cooper even challenges if the speed studies even exist. With no speed studies, our tax dollars were wasted for the speed bump installation and removal. The same theme and lack of information put on the table by the Winslow Democrat Committee members happens over and over again. Examples include, Weed & Seed, and Human Relations Commissions which neither officially exist in Winslow Township.