Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Schools, Signs, Pay to Play, Residents need to take action and vote!

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Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2005 5:54 PM
Subject: Schools

Winslow Parents and residences amaze me they complain about the schools but they do nothing about it. They allow a few people from Sicklerville to run the schools. (The pay to play candidates, of course they will win an election they have plenty of campaign money) The residences will complain at the soccer and baseball fields. They claim they care about their kid’s education but no one goes to a board meeting to see what is going on. Many don’t even know that they do not have a full time superintend nor a full time business administrator. That the assistant business administrator just quit and the assistant superintend just put in for his retirement. So who do they think is calling the shots? The pay to play candidates that’s who. They don’t care that the schools are over crowded and that we missed the opportunity to have the state pay for 65% of the building project that should of already began. But yet parents will complain about taxes going up. Well I guess they will go up when the State mandates a building project when they see 25 Kindergarten students are in a class. But lets just stay home and keep our heads in the sand, that way we will have something to complain about.

As for Town hall

Very few will go out to vote in November the ones that do will vote for the folks with the giant signs that blind our view all over this 58 square mile township. (Of course they will mail out tons of mail and put up more signs as they sell their votes at town hall. Those signs are not cheep to print so they will take money and make promises at the tax payer’s expense. The funny thing is that we will then pay these people to be on the town council. So we get to pay over and over and over again. But let’s all sit in our houses or stand at the games and complain, no sense in spending any time to find out about the candidates just vote for the big signs and for the folks that send tons of mail that will be coming out soon. (I wonder if they took all that money that they spend on signs and mailings and put it towards something in the township, could we have a recreation center, or maybe just pay for some police cars?) So what will you do, take the easy way out, just sit home and complain.