Thursday, September 29, 2005


This short audio clip is from the Winslow Township Mayor and Committee meeting of September 27, 2005. The Committee was wrapping up the meeting with some routine business. This particular item was responding to a builder’s request to refund bond money that the Township typically holds until punch list items are completed. In this case the builder claims to have completed the punch list that just happens to involve Committeeman Cooper’s neighborhood.

Committeeman Cooper:

“My driveway was on the punch list…and it wasn’t done. I really don’t give a damn….”

Barbara Holcomb:

“Al, don’t start cursing…yea, but I don’t do it on record, on this dais.”

Committeeman Cooper:

“You’re going to get hit by lightning.”

Technically, Holcomb is correct, until proven otherwise, that she has not cursed on the record or from the dais.

The picture below of Holcomb was taken during an open public meeting in the Winslow Township Courtroom. The meeting was the 2005 Township budget workshop where the Committee members discussed how our $24,710,000. will be spent.

While this gesture was displayed during a public meeting, it was NOT from the dais. Do to the nature of the meeting, the dais was not used and the Committee members assembled around a conference table.

Furthermore, the official tape recorder was recording the audio of the meeting. Even though such a recording is not required for any Committee meeting. A resident in attendance photographed Holcomb’s obscene gesture.

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