Sunday, October 23, 2005


This resident asked the Township Committee why Winslow Township is selling land. He also wants to know who the Township is selling the land to.

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Resident Nick LoSasso had previously addressed the Township Committee on the same subject. UNofficially Winslow researched some of Mr. LoSasso's remarks. Below are copies of open public records that support Nick LoSasso's remarks 100%.

Committeeman Barry Wright voted along party lines to sell Township owned land and open space. Now, one year later, Wright has proposed a new special tax for Winslow Township to help preserve open space. One might also note Camden County already imposes an open space tax on Winslow residents. Winslow Township has benefited in the past from the Camden County Open Space program and tax. Why must Winslow residents pay twice?
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Click here to review a copy of the Township committee minutes when the vote was taken authorizing the public land sale. With the motion being made by Holcomb and seconded by
Wright. The minutes also reflect a statement by Mayor Metzner, who did not agree with the sale of Township land, indicating we need open space. Now Wright wants a tax to preserve land!

Click here to review a copy of the successful bidders of the public land and open space sale that Wright voted in favor of prior to asking for this new open space tax. Notice that a family member of Wright's business partner purchased property during this public land sale.

Perhaps part of the problem is the wrong leadership is representing us. Now is the time for the residents to consider changes. Why didn't Flamini pay attention to the residents of ward four when the concept of 400 plus new homes first surfaced. There was a meeting in ward four about the proposed development. Why didn't Flamini attend?

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A resident Frank Nicolosi did attend the meeting.
The audio link below is of resident Frank Nicolosi participating in the AST development informal meeting with the residents of ward 4. There is no audio available of Flamini's participation, for Flamini did not attend the meeting to represent the residents of ward four. Just like he didn't bother to show up to support the residents at the Zoning Board hearing on the same subject.
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UNofficially Winslow supports Nick LoSasso, for LoSasso is opposed to selling land to developers. Unlike his campaign opponent Barry Wright who voted in favor of selling Township owned land. (See meeting minutes above for proof.)

Frank Nicolosi is running for Flamini's Committee seat. UNofficially Winslow supports Frank Nicolosi because he supports the residents! Nicolosi obviously cares about Ward 4 (Sicklerville area) He spoke up at a meeting, when Flamini didn't even show up.

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