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UNofficially Celebrates It's First Birthday On September 21, 2005

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UNofficially Winslow Turns 1 Year Old.

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On September 21, 2004 UNofficially Winslow was established to create a forum for Winslow residents to express their concerns and ideas, as well as to be an information resource of current events in our community.

UNofficially Winslow is privately owned and funded. To date UNofficially Winslow has had over 11,500 hits. That’s approximately one hit for every three people in Winslow Township.

Promotion of UNofficially Winslow has included placemat advertising at the Palace Diner in Berlin, word of mouth, and simple business cards with just the www (URL) address. UNoffically Winslow would like to formally thank all the people who assisted in handing out the business cards and spreading the word about this new forum in Winslow Township. However, the single biggest promotion of UNofficially Winslow is credited to Committeewoman Barbara Holcomb. During an open public meeting, she gave the
one finger salute to some of the residents in attendance. That single obscene gesture by Holcomb produced more hits on UNoffically Winslow than any other single posting or entry on the website. In the weeks and months that followed, people started to return to UNofficially Winslow to learn more about other issues and topics in Winslow Township.

Committeewoman Barbara Holcomb gives the public the one finger salute during an open public meeting. (Click on the picture to enlarge.)

UNofficially Winslow only publishes information after all proper documentation is obtained through public access. The documentation is then posted with the article on the website. No posting or entry on UNofficially Winslow contains information obtained from any resident, employee, or public official of the Township that cannot be supported with public access documents or recorded media. One exception is the emails addressed to UNofficially Winslow, which carry the responsibility from the original author.

UNofficially Winslow would prefer not to publish a posting, than to post something without documentation. Unfortunately, this means many postings must be held on file and not published. Typically UNofficially Winslow tries to present facts using audio and video clips, pictures, and public access documents.

Some public officials have publically displayed their dissatisfaction with UNofficially Winslow.
A handful of residents once appeared at a public Township meeting expressing their dissatisfaction with UNofficially Winslow. UNofficially Winslow acknowledges this group’s freedom of speech, as protected by the first amendment of the United States Constitution. This is despite the group’s efforts aimed at denying UNofficially Winslow the same rights they (the group) were exercising.

Furthermore, UNofficially Winslow considered this barrage of attacks newsworthy, and therefore published their ridiculous remarks.

UNofficially Winslow would like to thank all those who have visited the site, and especially those who helped to promote the website by word of mouth.

When UNofficially Winslow was established hot topics in the community were
speed bumps on Oak Leaf Road and the public land sale. Today, one year later, both of these subjects are still hot topics in Winslow Township.

Barry you work for us, not your chumps. ...For the people and by the people.... (Click on the picture to enlarge.)

Below is a reprint of the first posting on UNofficially Winslow which explains the original intentions of this website. The text highlighted in blue are now links to topics that have been posted to UNoffically Winslow over the course of the past year.

Local politics, in general, is a hot topic in Winslow. UNoffically Winslow tries to report many of the
political hot buttons in our Township. That doesn’t make this a political website. If current events in Winslow were more about non-political issues than that would be published as well (and has been in the past)

Many of us pay close attention to any media play concerning the actions of our federally elected representatives. In the opinion of UNofficially Winslow, decisions made locally effect our daily lives and pocket books much more than who ever is in office on Capitol Hill or even the White House.

November 8, 2005 is Election Day. Many of the local elected officials and candidates are circulating throughout the Township asking for your vote. Please consider asking these folks questions that you may have about our community. Ask them questions about topics you have read about on UNofficially Winslow. Some will have answers you can believe and others won’t.

Please email your questions and comments about this anniversary posting and all remarks concerning UNofficially Winslow to:

We hope you will continue to check in with us for the real facts.

Sincerely yours,

UNofficially Winslow

First posting of UNofficially Winslow, September 21, 2004

Welcome to Unofficially Unofficially Winslow was established as a different type of web site. Its format is commonly known as a blog, which is slang for web log. The purpose of the blog Unofficially Winslow is for residents to learn about the current "hot" topics in Winslow and share their thoughts and suggestions.

Some of these hot topics in Winslow Township include the newly installed speed humps on Oak Leaf Road in Cedar Brook, and the Township’s recently conducted public land sale. While these topics are political in nature, Unofficially Winslow will post all topics of interest to Winslow residents. These include, but are not limited to school events, Township events, and athletic accomplishments.

This is our web log, the people of Winslow Township. The Constitution of the United States of America gives us the right to organize, assemble, publish, and one my personal favorites, free speech. No government body, including the Winslow Township Committee, can limit the actions and postings to this web site. There is no five-minute time limit imposed in this public forum like there is during public participation at the Township meetings. Submissions are encouraged by all residents including residents who are elected or appointed to a public office in Winslow Township. Other Township groups and individuals that are not elected or appointed are also encouraged to participate in this forum.

All parties who have an interest in posting a remark, question, picture, or just need a soap box to stand on, are welcome to email their posting to or may fax their posting to 1(208) 977-6988.

Personal information will be automatically edited from your submission unless you expressly ask for your name to be published with your remarks. However, I would encourage submissions to include a pen name, or initials (and perhaps your section of the Township) so visitors to the site can reply to your remarks and make reference to your submission in theirs.

Thank you for visiting Unofficially Winslow and I encourage you to check in regularly.

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