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Nothing is ever simple in Winslow Township. There always seems to be an unexpected twist with interesting facts.

On Tuesday July 26, 2005 AST developers, engineers, and attorneys met with the public informally at the Villa Deli Catering Hall in Sicklerville to discuss the pros and cons of their future zoning board variance and site plan application.

This is the same matter that appeared before the zoning board on June 8, 2005 where Flamini and DiFabio didn't show up.

These two gentlemen are supposed to represent the people's interest, but once again failed to show up. This issue is of major importance for the residents in Sicklerville, and these two "representatives" seem not to care. Hopefully the voting public will remember this in November when Flamini will be seeking re-election. In the mean time DiFabio is asking for a 12% pay raise for his no show job.

Click on the audio link below and hear for yourself DiFabio asking for a pay raise.
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Furthermore, Flamini and DiFabio are members of the majority (controlling) party on the Township Committee. The controlling party members of the Township Committee are responsible for making appointments to the Zoning Board of Adjustment. One might note that not a single member of the Zoning Board lives in ward 4, where AST wants to build. So ward 4 residents are left without any representation on the Township Committee and the Zoning Board. Thank goodness for Mayor Metzner who cares about ALL the residents in ALL the areas of the Township. The Mayor attended the informal meeting at the Villa Deli concerning the AST development. Even though the Mayor was verbally abused by the AST attorney, Mayor Metzner promises to continue to attend all the meetings and functions she possibly can representing ALL the residents of Winslow Township.

During the informal meeting at the Villa Deli, Mayor Metzner asked for clarification on several issues pertaining to this application for 400+ new homes. (About 3 times the amount of homes permitted by right without a variance) The developer's attorney, Mr. John Wade, was quite rude to our Mayor. Mr. Wade charged the Mayor with only being present to play "politics."

Let's see who was there to play "politics." :

1) The lawyer for the developer AST, Mr. John Wade, is also the solicitor for the Winslow Township School District. Representation was made several times during the course of the meeting that the school district would financially benefit from the project since it's proposed as a senior citizen development. Is Mr. Wade in conflict representing both the school district and AST developers?

2) Mr. Wade mentioned that he had been in contact with Committeeman Barry Wright. Was it proper for Mr. Wade to be in contact with Wright considering Mary Ann Fry is Barry Wright's and Chuck Flamini's campaign treasurer for the upcoming election? Mary Ann Fry also happens to be the zoning board chairperson.

Other interesting details:

The developer told those in attendance that the originally proposed billboard was deleted from the plan. This change was welcomed by the residents.

Winslow Township has very little sewer capacity available. Therefore the developer needs to request from the Township Committee permission to run their sewer line for the project to the Gloucester Township sewer system.

Wright happens to have a billboard business partnership. If it happen to be Wright's billboard business or partner who was planning on providing the billboard for this project, would Wright have been excluded from voting on the sewer going to Gloucester Township? Is this the real reason why the billboard was deleted from the project?

UNofficially Winslow is concerned that the billboard matter could be revisited sometime in the future.

UNofficially Winslow welcomes comments and opinions and other points of view from residents, Mr. Wade, Committeeman Wright and any other interested parties.

Please email all remarks to:

Have you seen us? ......You pay us!
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Tuesday, July 26, 2005


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Sent: Tuesday, July 26, 2005 1:38 PM
Subject: ZONING

I saw your website and was hoping that you had some information. We received a letter regarding re-zoning some land in the area of the Wilton's Corner development. I was unable to attend the meeting on July 19th, and have not been able to get any information out of the township. Are you familiar with this item? If so, what does it relate to?

Thank You


Thank you for writing to UNofficially Winslow.

Yes, UNofficially Winslow was able to attend the July 19, 2005 Mayor and Township Committee meeting.

There is no scheduled zoning changes for Wilton's Corner. Arden Forest did have a zoning change to benefit the area residents. Apparently part of the residential area of Arden Forest was zoned commercial. In an effort to protect the neighborhood from commercial development on residential streets, the governing body changed the zoning.

The New Jersey Municipal Land Use Law, Chapter 291 of the code of N. J. 1975. Requires residents within 200 feet of such a zoning change to be notified. The Township did acknowledge during the July 21, 2005 meeting that some notices received by residents were sent out in error. The Township Committee also discussed that the text of the notice could have been worded a little better for the residents, while still maintaining the required legal text.

In your email you state "...not been able to get any information out of the township..." You are always welcome to email UNofficially Winslow however, I have always found Mayor Metzner to be very responsive. You can reach Mayor Metzner at her home office by calling (856) 728-5044. Or via email at:

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

RESIDENTS DEMAND ANSWERS, Will Flamini & DiFabio show up?

Have you seen us? ......You pay us!
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Due to the public's opposition to a proposed project for yet another senior housing development in Sicklerville, The developer has scheduled an informal meeting in an effort to explain the revisions they plan to resubmit to the Township this fall.

The developers have made arrangements to rent the Villa Catering Hall at Villa Deli located on Williamstown-New Freedom Road in Sicklerville for two hours on July 26, 2005 from 4:00-6:00 P.M.

Click here to view a letter from the developer's attorneys inviting the public to meet with the developer at the Villa Deli Catering Hall.

With any luck maybe even Flamini & DiFabio, the Ward 4 Township Committee representation, will show up this time. In the OPINION of UNofficially Winslow, it was no accident that Flamini & DiFabio didn't show up to the previous Zoning Board hearing on this subject.

If Flamini & DiFabio actually do show up be sure to ask them both if the project gets approved as presented, will anyone profit who financially supported their political campaigns?

The developer's current intentions is to build senior housing. A previous Winslow Township Zoning Board solicitor has informed UNofficially Winslow that, "The applicant needs to speak about the suitability of the site and also about how this proposed use promotes the public health, safety and welfare."

The developer's letter also states:

"We will attempt to work with the existing community in coming up with a senior project that benefits all of Winslow Township."

With these two items in mind one might consider discussing that the proposed project will be the 11th senior citizen housing development in Winslow Township. And the 7th senior citizen housing project under construction, or already approved within three miles of the proposed site.

If the developer truly wants to build a senior housing project that benefits "all of Winslow Township" why would the developer build such a project on the border of the Township that already has six other senior citizen projects within a 3 mile radius? And furthermore a project nearly three times the size permitted by law?

Winslow Mayor Sue Ann Metzner called AST "greedy" for trying to build nearly three times the 169 units permitted under current zoning. The township has designated the land "high density residential," permitting three housing units per acre. Courier-Post June 8, 2005

Monday, July 18, 2005

hockey pockey audio.

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Mayor Addresses Political Signs on Public Property.

Front lawn of Winslow Township municipal building.

Click anywhere on the picture to enlarge.

Front lawn of Winslow Township-Bud Duble Senior Citizen Building.

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In the audio clip below Mayor Metzner speaks about the Township ordinance that forbids campaign signs on public property. The Mayor spoke in general terms not mentioning any particular political group.

Wright & Holcomb than chime in about how signs are needed at polling places such as the municipal building. Wright offers further dribble about how signs are okay in the road's right-a- way.

The road's right-a-way truly extends beyond the paved surface, but the ordinance doesn't speak about the right-a-way. Just no political activity on municipal grounds.

In this audio clip Holcomb states two times that both parties are guilty and should just be more careful in the future. Did you see any Republican (red) signs anywhere in the Township for the uncontested primary elections? Or just blue Democrat signs?

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You put your left foot in; you take your left foot out;You put your left foot in and then deny it 'till they doubt.You do the Hokey-Pokey and you TURN YOUR WORDS AROUND.That's what it’s all about!
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UNofficially Winslow has applied to the Camden County Board of Elections for copies of any available complaint records where Holcomb and her cronies might have made honest errors and unintentional violations involving campaign signs and election day regulations. More to follow.

Saturday, July 09, 2005


Rashad Baker, Safety for the Buffalo Bills and Native of Camden New Jersey hosted a Summer football camp. Many Winslow Township athletes participated.

Participants were trained by local, regional and professional coaches, trainers and athletes. In addition to lessons on life, setting goals, time management, discipline, healthy eating habits, and conflict resolution.

"Giving back is a reward that I value from what was given to me. I am excited about hosting this football camp so that I can encourage someone to believe in G-d and in themselves. This philosophy is the fundamentals of the game and the rule of life."

Rashad Baker, Safety for the Buffalo Bills.

Winslow Athletes pictured with Mayor Metzner.

(Click anywhere on the pictures to enlarge.)

Rashad Baker Summer Football Camp leaders pictured
with Mayor Metzner.

(Click anywhere on the picture to enlarge.)

Winslow's own Gorden Sunkett & Ken Comuso working hard coordinating the day's events.

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Rashad Baker & Mayor Metzner.

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Traffic Light

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Saturday, July 09, 2005 12:52 PM
Subject: traffic light

I totally agree that we need a traffic light at the intersection of Mays Landing Road, Piney Hollow road and Albertson Road. I pull out from Albertson Road almost everyday and it is very dangerous especially in the summer months with the shore traffic. Our taxes are out of control and what to we get for it? Keep building new homes, Winslow, and keep raising our taxes. This is a great way to see more for sale signs!!

UNofficially Winslow Criticized During Township Committee Meeting. Mayor Metzner Responds to the Public Participants Concerns

Resident Mrs. Rabb addresses the Township Committee regarding UNofficially Winslow.

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Mrs. Rabb

Resident Mr. Foxworth addresses the Township Committee Regarding UNofficially Winslow.
Mr. Foxworth also addresses Committeeman Al Cooper in reference to the Holcomb "finger" picture, and suggest that Holcomb was simply adjusting her glasses.
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Mr. Foxworth

Holcomb now interrupts public participation and asks the Mayor to control Kaplan's activities. Holcomb also complains about Kaplan and his video camera operation. Does Holcomb have something to hide? Mayor Metzner Addresses Holcomb below.
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Barbara Holcomb

Sicklerville Resident Harry Sohn incorrectly hounds the Mayor for attending two meetings in one evening. Mayor Metzner addresses Mr. Sohn below. Mr. Sohn also is not pleased with Mr. Comuso's Letter to the Courier-Post editor. (Also posted on this website)
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Harry Sohn

Fran Sohn, wife of previous speaker Harry Sohn, expresses concerns about Kaplan's recent Letter to the Editor of the Courier-Post Newspaper (Also posted on this web site). Mrs. Sohn also feels cutting the Mayor's assistant's hours was a wise move to save tax dollars. Like in the past, Mrs. Sohn apparently has no clue of what she is talking about. The Township budget includes the full time salary for the Mayor's assistant. Click Here to view the current Township budget documents concerning the Mayor's assistant's position. The Democrat majority cutting the hours of the Mayor's assistant with no medical benefits will not save Winslow Township's budget one dime. In the opinion of Unofficially Winslow, Mrs. Sohn's dramatic appearance is nothing more then rhetoric.

One might also note that Mrs. Fran Sohn is employed by Camden County which is controlled by the Camden County Democrat machine. Which Holcomb is the vice chair of.
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Fran Sohn

Resident Bill Price addresses the Democrat majority about being fair when assigning Township Committee members directorships to various Township departments. Mr. Price also gives advice on how to stop the unwanted editorials to local newspaper editors. The majority Democrat party can start by re-establishing the Mayor's full time assistant, says Mr. Price.
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Bill Price

Resident Ken Comuso speaks to the complaints regarding his recent Letter to the Editor. (Also posted on this website.) Mr. Comuso explains that he is disabled and takes it as a personal attack when the majority Democrat party took away the Mayor's full time assistant. Noting that the Mayor is visually impaired. Mr. Comuso expresses he is strong willed and is going to "take back" this community.
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Ken Comuso Sr.

Mayor Metzner addresses issues presented during public participation. Including Mr. Sohn's concerns regarding the Mayor's meeting attendence. The Mayor addresses attending 2 meetings or functions in one evening.

"...because someone drives me does not take away, or strip away from them, their rights under the constitution."
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Mayor Metzner Part 1 of 2
Mayor Metzner continues:
" I am not about to become the dictator that Mrs. Sohn said Mrs. Holcomb is not. Mrs. Sohn doesn't think Mrs. Holcomb is a dictator, and yet her husband is encouraging me to become one."
"I am his (Kaplan's) Mayor not his Mother. I don't know if he (Kaplan) would listen to his Mother either."
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Mayor Metzner Part 2 of 2
Kaplan's response to the remarks made concerning his political activities during public participation.

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Kaplan's response

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

How can I post to the site

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Sent: Wednesday, July 06, 2005 12:40 PM
Subject: How can I post to the site

I would like to put in my 2 cents about this township. How can I get my message out.


Reply From UNofficially Winslow:

Just as you have done. Just email your postings to:

Your name, email address etc. will never appear on this website unless you express that desire. Your initials and section, if provided, of the Township you reside in will be used.


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Wednesday, July 06, 2005 1:44 PM
Subject: WHAT!!! NO LIGHT????

As a life long resident, I have seen this township grow in leaps and bounds. I've seen the corruption and all the wheelings and dealings that have taken place over the years and in reality nothing has changed. (SAME SNAKES,DIFFERENT HEADS). Getting to the point. This township is full of traffic lights that were put up for one reason or another. The intersection of 561(mayslanding road) and Pineyhollow road, have had many many crashes over the years. As for a fatality count, I am not privey to. However, this is a very dangerous intersection and all that was ever done was to install a blinking system. I am aware that the STATE sanctions and authorizes lights. Now looking around without actually pointing to the POLITICAL lights that are up, are WE not in this area of the township entitled to some safeguards as others??? The records speak for themselves.

Suggestion----On the ballots----When two or more candidates are running, put an extra open block on a blank space below the last candidate which says or means NONE OF THE ABOVE---This way the public won't necessarily have to contend with someone they don't want in office. This will wake up each party and they will put someone qualified rather than a croney.


Monday, July 04, 2005

Click Here to view and Print a copy of Winslow Township's Open Public Records request form.

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