Thursday, January 24, 2008

Recently the Courier-Post published a story intitled Winslow May sell it's water utility. Is it fact or crap? UNofficially Winslow can assure you it's crap. However, UNofficially Winslow believes it's a fact that the Courier-Post reporter Bill Duhart should be fired.

UNofficially Winslow has been in operation since September 29, 2004 and currently has nearly 50,000 hits. Prior to the three plus years of UNofficially Winslow's operation, I have attended every single Winslow Township Mayor and Committee Meeting that is open to the public for nearly 14 years. I have a perfect attendance record. I have seen every elected seat, appointed seat, professional seat, and employee seat change at least once. Except the Mayor's. Including the solicitor's seat five times, and the administrator's eight times.

UNofficially Winslow prides itself that information is only presented on this website that can be backed-up and supported with open public records, video, and audio clips.

In the past UNofficially Winslow has re-printed newspaper clippings giving credit to the original author and publisher. The article written by Bill Duhart for the Courier-Post does not have a single accurate fact. And therefore is not acceptable material to be re-printed on this website.

There is not a single fact or statement in Durhart's article that even comes close to being true.

Nothing has been discussed during the Township meetings (I've been to them all!) that refers to the Township selling off the water utility. Detailed facts in Durhart's story are not even recognizable. Durhart did quote Mr. Russell Bates, who stated " I think we should get out of the water business." Bates also states, "For 20 years we fought the (Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority) not to take the water company." One might think that after 23 years of service on the Township Committee, Bates would understand the Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority is a sewage organization and not drinking water. Or is Bates implying we get our water from the County sewer system?

UNofficially Winslow has no documentation to present for there have been nothing presented, discussed or reviewed by the Mayor and Township Committee with the exception of an "RFP", Request For Proposal, to review the assets and liabilities of the water utility. This common RFP procedure was done because our Mayor, Sue Ann Metzner, promised to explore all options concerning the finances of the utility department.

UNofficially Winslow will publish all public information, with it's corresponding documents, and audio-visual clips, when and if the Mayor and Township Committee discusses such a matter of selling the water utility.