Wednesday, May 27, 2009


UNofficially Winslow received an unsolicited email that included a link to the You Tube video that has been posted below. The unidentified videographer used many facts and Open Public Records (OPRA) that can also be found on this website UNofficially Winslow.

Click here to view the original email received by UNofficially Winslow that included a link to this U-Tube video.

The 2nd video clip below is actual footage of the Mayor and Township Committee Budget Workshop of May 26, 2009.

After many failed efforts to introduce a 2009 municipal budget
Mayor Metzner asked the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) what would happen if the governing body can not agree to a financial budget for 2009.

The CFO gave a brief explanation that the State would have to come in and take over Winslow's financial matters. Committeeman Chuck Flamini, Director of Finance and also a key member of the "REAL" Democrats slate, gave his opinion that the State should be called to come in Winslow the next day. Does this mean the "REAL" Democrats would rather have a State takeover than be the "REAL" leaders they were elected to be?

Friday, May 22, 2009


If you live in ward 2 of Winslow Township, the election for your Township representation will be on JUNE 2, 2009. Which is the Primary Election. (NOT IN NOVEMBER)

Ward 2 includes:
Albert’s Avenue, Cedar Brook, Cedar Hill Farms, Cooper Terrace
Debra’s Lane, Fletcher Blvd. Fox Tail Ridge, Greenfield Run, Hearthstone, Heathermere, High Pointe, Ivystone Muirfield, WoodsOakleaf/Matro, Penbryn Farms, Pin Oaks, Raven Estates, Chestnut Hill (Ryan’s Run, Strawberry Village, Waterford Green, West Atco, Westbury Hunt, Whispering Oaks, White Cedars, White Pines, Wilton’s Corner, Woodstream, and Woodstream East.

In ward two there is no Republican running for office in the November General election. Therefore the outcome of the June 2, 2009 Primary election will decide who will sit on the Mayor and Township Committee for ward 2 for the next three years.

The candidates in the ward two race are Barry Wright and Karl Auwater. In the November 2006 election, as Winslow Township Democrat County Committee Chairman, Barry Wright supported Karl Auwater for public office. It became apparent to UNofficially Winslow that Karl Auwater was his own man and would not succumb to Barry Wright's demands when it came time for professional appointments in January of 2007.

Today, in 2009, Barry Wright is challenging Karl Auwater for the same seat he helped Auwater secure in 2007.

Just who is Barry Wright? Wright is not new to Winslow Township nor is he new to the political arena. Wright is a retired Winslow Township police officier of 27 years, who also once sat on the Township Committee. Barry Wright was featured on the front page of the Courier-Post after UNofficially Winslow discovered he was campaigning by golf cart on the public roadways of Winslow Township.

You may click here for the complete front page Courier-Post story regarding Wright and his golf cart.

Click here for a follow-up Courier-Post story about Wright and his golf cart that was also a front page story.

You may also want to scroll down in this website to review other postings that involve Barry Wright. Including (Click here) Wright's 2nd to the motion for the sale of public land. (Click here for the public record of successful bidders of the public land sale- developers!). And spear headed the speed bump project in residential neighborhoods. Our tax dollars paid for the speed bumps to be installed against the public will, and paid a 2nd time for the speed bumps to be removed.

In the opinion of UNofficially Winslow, it's time for Mr. Wright to trade in his golf cart for a new model.