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Wow what did I think of last nights school board meeting, Friday June 25, 2010. First of all since when does our school board have a meeting on a Friday night? Oh maybe Poteat was hoping nobody would come. I was not happy that I had to sit there for an hour. The Public Notice that the board posted said the meeting was for 6:00. The actual meeting didn't start until 7:00. When I saw the agenda at the meeting there I saw the board was honoring the staff that were retiring. I just wish I would have read that on the agenda that was posted on the schools web site. I have to say that for once all the board members looked like they were paying attention. When parents were talking Poteat looked to me like he was bored. And what is with Garcia, she either had a smirk on her face or she was laughing. We in the community see nothing funny how these people are running and destroying our schools and township. What do they care they don't live in our township.
The school board president started off saying there was a tentative agreement on the table for the ESA's and the before and after school care givers. Their union first has to get a vote from the union members. Everyone was clapping but to find out they are asking them to take a 30% cut in their salary. The board says there is no money but Poteat got a $40,000.00 raise and all the administrators received a large raise. He is asking people who only make $20,000.00 a year to take a 30% cut. Thirty percent of 20,000.00 is 6,000.00. So now the aides who work as hard or harder then the teachers are only getting paid $14,000.00. That is for the ESA's that work in the classroom, most of the bus aides work less hours. The nerve of them to even think this. What a disgrace from our school board. Why not ask for a pay freeze.
Poteat sent out letters to the parents of the students that go to the Regional Day School, telling the parents that starting September 2010 their children's school will be a trailer not equipped with the things they will need daily. Like learning to wash clothing using a washer and dryer, a kitchen to learn how to cook, they will have no lunchroom or gym. Their were many parents to speak to the board. When the first parent stood up to talk I looked at the board members and by the looks on their faces they knew nothing about this. Poteat had no emotion on his face. Another secret from Poteat.
Poteat lied about he didn't know the electric was out at School 5 until the children were on the bus to come to school. He was told many hours before. The custodians start work at 6:00. Disgrace to make the children and staff be in a building with no electric. One teacher talked and said that it was 87 inside school 5 building. I'm sure Poteat was comfortable with his generator keeping his office cool.
Oh I see Mitchell is now a board member. How did that happen since when she ran for the board member position she got the lowest votes. Why do we even vote if the board is going to put who ever they want on the board. I thought this was the United States of America.
Last night someone brought up about buses going to Philly to pick up people to clean the schools. Poteat said it was only one bus. Well he lied again because three buses go to Philly late afternoon to pick up the cleaning people. I don't know about you but I have to drive myself to work. The bus drivers get paid $35.00 and hour overtime to pick these strangers up, not including fuel and bridge tolls. Again he is lying.
I honestly was hoping that things would turn around this year but the things he's doing is destroying our township and schools. I just hope the board gets rid of him before our schools are so destroyed they can't be fixed. Many people are trying to move out of the township because of our schools but can't sell because nobody wants to move here.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


In first video clip below, the Township Administrator explains to the public in attendance of the May 25, 2010 Mayor and Township Committee meeting the current status of the police and township employee layoffs.

In the next video clip below; a resident asks the Mayor and Township Committee for explanations concerning the tax rate. Please note in this video clip the conversation about property values pertains to assessed value, not sale value of the properties being discussed.

In the final video clip below the Township Committee adopts the 2010 budget. Which effectually lays off 12 police officers. Committeewoman Gibison and Mayor Metzner vote against the adoption of the budget, but the majority past the budget anyway. There are out cries from the public in attendance.
Click on the link below for the Courier-Post May 26, 2010 article "Winslow to lay off 12 officers."