Tuesday, July 17, 2012


During the regular Mayor and Township Committee meeting held on July 17, 2012, Mayor Wright announced the new tax rate.

Taking into account the re-evaluation process the new tax rate is $3.152 per $100. of assessed property value. 2011 tax rate was $5.260 per $100. of assessed property value.

The following is an opinion and understanding of UNofficially Winslow's personal tax bill.

Old property assessment $81,500. New property assessment $140,900.
$140,900. assessment divided by $100. equals 1,409 "units".

1409 "units" times the new tax rate of $3.152 equals $4,441.17.

2011 final tax bill, and preliminary 2012 tax bill was $4,286.91. Realizing a tax increase of $154.26.

It is the understanding of UNofficially Winslow that the above noted tax rate includes all taxing agencies that make up the total tax bill.  Including County Tax, County Library Tax, County Open Space Tax, School District Tax, Local Municipal Tax, and Fire District Tax.

For your information 2011 tax break down:

County Taxes 26.46 %
School Taxes 53.54 %
Municipal Taxes 16.10 %
Fire District Tax 3.90 %